8 Most Interesting Apps

8 Most Interesting Apps for Android

We live in world of technology and smartphones are most important part of it. There are tonnes of apps out there on Google Play , but all of them are not useful. We have shortlisted few interesting apps which you can use in your daily life and be more productive.

Most Interesting Apps For Android

  1. InShorts

    It is an awesome News App which contains only headlines and facts. There are no opinions or anything. It presents each news story in 60 words.  This is why it is in ourIts simple, you have all the information in less words, therefore less time. This is why it is up there in list of most interesting apps. This app also provides option to Share the News Story on all the social media platforms. You can also read  our review for Inshorts.
    Download InShorts


    You are up to date with latest news updates in few minutes. It saves a lot of time as compared to traditional news apps. Rich Notifications about new stories are excellent.


    There is no option to unsubscribe from a particular topic . In recent updates, there are too much ads

  2. Google App

    This is one of the best Apps ever. This app is based on Google Search Engine but it is much more than that. It enhances search experience on mobile using personalized feed and notifications, also provides weather info, news, traffic updates, stock market updates,  updates about your own interests.
    If this was not enough, it allows you to perform actions based on your voice command. This is why it is included in top interesting apps in our list.
    Download Google App


    It provides power of Google Search into your phone with amazing features like voice commands and intelligent results. Widget of this app is so good that you would never have to open the app from launcher.


    The voice commands doesn’t work that well with regional languages. Accuracy of speech recognition can be improved.

  3. 1Weather

    As the name suggests, its a weather app. It has got amazing UI and a Home Screen Widget. The home screen of app takes away your heart. 1Weather has tab based UI, where Today’s weather is shown by default with other options of Forecast, Precipitation, Radar. You can also check sunrise and sunset time in your local timezone.
    Download 1Weather


    Attractive UI and Crystal Clear Information. You can also turn on ongoing notification from the settings, which allows you to keep track of weather right in your notification panel. One can search the locations based on Airport Codes. Look of the app can be customized using in-app themes.


    This app barely has any cons but they can work more on app navigation, there are a lot of unnecessary menu items in navigation panel.

  4. Speak Notes

    One can say that its just another Notes App, but it has got something special. Speak Notes has got minimalistic UI which just does everything you need in a simple note making app. App also allows you to add reminders on your notes. It comes with excellent Speak to Text functionality. The app focuses mainly on saving user time by giving just minimal options on screen.You also get Home Screen and Lock Screen widget with latest note appearing on top
    Check our review for  Speak Notes here.
    Download Speak Notes


    You can create quick notes in no time, minimal options and excellent UI with screen transitions. It is very lightweight in terms of memory as compared to its competitors.


    You cannot backup your notes or access same notes from other device.

  5. Cam Scanner

    If you are looking to scan some business docs, share and collaborate  among devices then this is just the perfect app for you. Believe me, its the best app out there for document scanning and sharing. You can use your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates and much more.
    Download Cam Scanner


    Premium Subscription comes with a lot of awesome features like OCR, Doc Collage, Cloud Storage, Password Protection.


    User experience on free version is not so good as the premium one. Free version has ads and scanned documents are generated are with watermark which is not what you need.

  6. Flipboard

    Its the second news app in the list. Instead of shortening the stories like InShorts, Flipboard is focussed more on curating the news according to the interest of the user. It allows you to create your own e- magazine. You can add, remove, like, comment and share stories. UI is just like a bundle of magazines, but the difference is content is tailor made for you.
    Download Flipboard


    You can also mute the sources which you don’t like, this feature is not present in InShorts. There is something for everyone e.g. photography, productivity, travel, technology, fashion, food


    Navigation can be little confusing at start.

  7. Dumpster

    If you want a virtual Recycle Bin for your phone, this app is for you. It helps to restore files which you had deleted accidentally from your device. The app focusses more on photos and videos. You can also lock your videos and photos using premium in app lock feature. Dumpster also works for applications, pictures, videos, documents. You can also backup your data to the Dumpster cloud. Because it is so critical for our users, that is why it is considered for list of interesting apps.
    Download Dumpster


    UI is good and allows to undo our mistakes. This app is much better than its competitive apps.


    Sometimes it can be tough to choose the item which you want to recover. Since it safe keeps your data at different place, it can take up a lot of device memory, but you can overcome this by using cloud feature.

    Read about our  detailed review for Dumpster.

  8. Duolingo

    Are you shifting to another country? or just travelling different parts of the world? or Simply you want to learn more languages, Duolingo is the app for you. You can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English.
    Download Duolingo


    You can create your learning schedule based on time you want. If you already know a particular language and you want to improve in that, then this app also provides placement test for self assessment. The gamification of learning motivates to learn more.


    I wish there was suggestion of live tutoring

    We tried to figure out most interesting apps in this list. Do you have your entry,   please send it to us. Thanks a lot for reading, your suggestions, complaints and queries are always welcome at   [email protected]

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