Best Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone and Android

40+ of the Best Wallpaper Apps on Android and iPhone

Wallpapers give a unique look to the phone’s home screen. While accessing the phone the wallpaper is the first thing we lay our eyes on. Rather than searching images on the web and downloading them one by one, you can use applications that are tailored for this purpose.

Wallpaper apps also determine the correct size of wallpapers required by your device and you can even update your screen daily with new wallpapers. Here, we have compiled a list of the best wallpaper apps for Android and iOS that can boost the looks of your Phone screen.

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Zedge Wallpapers

ZEDGE Wallpapers
ZEDGE Wallpapers

When you want a superfluity of wallpapers for anything you can think of, then Zedge is the app you should go-to. Zedge has a large selection of everything, even obscure images, you may not be able to find anywhere else. 

The app features thousands of HD images optimized for your iOS screens. Browse through the multitude of categories and themes or you can even search for specific. Zedge’s collection features landscapes, inspiration, anime, cartoons, space, nature, movies, music, and whatever you think of.

 Just tap on the image to view it and see how it looks like a home or lock screen with the icons and timestamp. You can also save it to your device with a tap. Zedge is trusted by millions of smartphone owners around the world.

Kappboom – Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers

This app stands apart from the crowd due to its large collection of 200,000 beautiful and cool wallpapers. In fact, there are currently more than 100,000 collections of images and more are being added each day. 

The app is incredibly easy to navigate so you can find images quickly. You can make collages and edit photos with the editor. Slideshow option of the app allows you to sit back, view wallpapers and select the best from the large collection. 

With the hold and drag option, you can add backgrounds to your favorites, find images with similar tags and share with your friends Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social networks. The image search option you can use for searching images online.

Backgrounds-HD Wallpapers by OGQ

OGQ Backgrounds HD Wallpapers
OGQ Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Backgrounds HD is the oldest wallpaper app. Backgrounds-HD Wallpapers by OGQ app has the biggest wallpaper database with huge categories. You can search by category, see what’s new and what’s popular with other people. There’s also a handy search function. 

The Feed section of the app provides you the option to explore the images posted by other users. Backgrounds HD is an entirely free app so there is no reason why you should not give it a try. You will find something for your taste surely.

Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD

Walli Cool Wallpapers HD
Walli Cool Wallpapers HD

Walli is a creative wallpaper app for both Android and iPhone. It has a collection of unique works from a variety of independent artists. The app is basically the community of artists and the contributing artists are paid for their work. 

Here, you will find unique wallpapers designed by artists for your smartphone. The app includes a simple layout, categories for browsing. There is a wide variety of stuff that you can browse for hours. 

Some of the popular stuff includes abstract stuff, word backgrounds, fantasy themes, and people. The app is a good spot for artists to promote their wares.  Walli has a unique and cool collection of wallpapers.

Wallpapers HD & 4K Backgrounds by 7Fon

Wallpapers from 7fon
Wallpapers from 7fon

Wallpapers HD & 4K Backgrounds is one of the best wallpaper apps for filtering through a huge selection with different options All the images are breaking down by category. 

The auto-image changing options of the app allow you to control options like how often the image changes, whether to download on mobile data or WiFi, where to store the images and other useful controls. 

With the account in the app, you can rate images. Also, the tap on the individual image information button brings up a color palette. Tapping on any of the chosen colors will return other images with similar colors; that’s not always too easy to achieve with other wallpaper apps.

Clarity Wallpaper

Clarity Wallpapers
Clarity Wallpapers

If you have the addiction for good wallpapers then this app has it all. Clarity features powerful tools that let users easily add flare to photos. 

Clarity is part of the wallpaper and part editing app. Download super high-quality images with no compression. You can also blur the images for a more dramatic look and gradient features will add up to your creativity. 

One of the app’s best features is it keeps your lock screen time and date legible. Your wallpaper of choice doesn’t interfere with your lock screen time and date. It’s a smart touch feature of the app that makes it worth checking out.

WLPPR – background wallpapers

WLPPR background wallpapers
WLPPR background wallpapers

Get AMAZING photos with AMAZING quality! Featuring a gorgeous array of satellite imagery, the app for the ios will remind you just how beautiful our planet can be. 

WLPPR – background wallpapers have extremely beautiful photos in different scenarios like satellite images, telescope images, drone images, and so on. The app is specifically for those who are fascinated with planet Earth and the universe. 

You will find a spectacular selection of HD backgrounds with scientific sources of images and a description. You can select from normal size or parallax size after downloading the wallpaper. WLPPR is one of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone if you are looking for something refreshing, thanks to a vast collection.

Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers
Vellum Wallpapers

Seeking for a curated selection of classy, artistic imagery, then you have found it. The app not only presents a plethora of options for choosing your favorite wallpaper, but the manner in which wallpapers are displayed is a treat for eyes.

Daily Wallpaper is a special feature of the app as a new picture is presented every day and it will not disappoint you, most of the wallpapers are organized into themed packs. Furthermore, the themed packs are updated on a daily basis.

You can preview how each image will appear on your lock and home screens, and there’s also a blur tool. Vellum is the best wallpaper app for the iPhone. There is no shortage of options inside the application.
The Android version would be launched soon, signup here to get notification

Magic Screen Customize

Magic Screen Customize
Magic Screen Customize

The app works just like its name. With a large number of freakish animated backgrounds, the application is a must-have if you want to decorate your home and lock screen with customized wallpapers. 

You can also design your own background which is an added feature not found in other live wallpaper apps. You can add text and calendar to wallpapers from150+ fonts and 20+ beautiful templates of calendars. You can also turn your photo into a GIF or Live Wallpaper. 

 Also, you can create a collage of wallpapers for your lock screen. Customizing wallpaper is a child’s play in the Magic Screen Customize app.

Atlas Wallpaper

Atlas Wallpaper
Atlas Wallpaper

The app is unlike any on this list, as it doesn’t include a huge collection of artwork and photographs. Rather, the app generates a map of any town, city, or area of the globe for you to use as a wallpaper.

 It lets you designed a wallpaper based on a map anywhere in the world. To create a unique wallpaper map search for a specific location and see a general overview map, and then customize the color palette. 

OLED-based iPhones look great with black backgrounds and colorful lines. The free version does not allow you to choose 3D maps, but 2D ones also look awesome.

Patternator Live Wallpapers

Patternator Live Wallpapers
Patternator Live Wallpapers

Create patterned wallpapers in a flash with Patternator. Not only can you use the app’s objects and GIFs to create patterns, but you can also use your own image as well. The app walks you through how to make cutouts with your photos, so you can turn them into one-of-a-kind patterns.

Patternator Live Wallpapers hands much control over to you. You select the pattern then fine-tune that pattern (e.g., scale, angle, spacing, etc.), change the background color, and adjust the color, and many more. 

Want to give funky looking wallpapers a chance, “Patternator” would be the way. Patternator lets you create attractive, animated patterns and use them as your live wallpaper. Wallpapers HD Wallpapers HD Wallpapers HD had to be included in this list of best wallpaper apps because of its extensive 500,000+ collection. The collection is updated daily. 

Stunningly designed pictures by top designers are segregated into different categories including Art, People, Texture, Apple, Sunset, Spring, Space, Night, etc.  Click on the wallpaper of your choice to get the preview of the wallpaper on your lock and home screen. Here you can find wallpapers from art to celebrities. Easy to use interface. is the app you should download if you are searching for dark themed wallpapers. The application is free to use but features ads. You can go for the premium version to get rid of the ads.

Pimp Your Screen – Cool Themes

Pimp your Screen Cool Themes
Pimp your Screen Cool Themes

Pimp your screen is a cool concept of customizing wallpapers. There are numerous wallpapers and themes available from different categories like love, modern, animals, nature, cute, etc. 

For iPad, the app has retina display ready wallpapers. In short, the app adds a wallpaper layer behind the icon and makes it look like a bookshelf or a dock. 

Moreover, Pimp your screen supports various themes so you can customize both your home and lock screen. They offer both icon skins and app shelves to bring new vibe on icon appearance.

 New content arrives every day on servers so you can enjoy different themes every day. You have to pay a premium for their unique wallpaper service. But we assure you that you will love the app and the quality they are offering.

WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers

WOW Pixel Live Wallpapers
WOW Pixel Live Wallpapers

If you are into retro images, then this the app you are looking for.  WOW Pixel has got an enviable collection of trendy wallpapers. There are a few select heroes, with their own story arc displayed in the live wallpapers.

 You can explore the huge library and find photos based on different emotions like angry, sad, love, happy, and more. The live wallpapers focus on displaying emotions, there is more than one wallpaper to express your emotions. 

You also get a chance to create stories and share them with the app developer. The best part is these live wallpapers look good on the iPhone X line of devices along with the older iPhone 6s and above models including iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and more.

Everpix cool Wallpapers

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K
Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

Everpix cool Wallpapers for iOS offers a really broad variety of wallpapers organized into all sorts of categories, from flowers and fashion to sports and cars. Currently, there are 4000+ wallpapers and the collection is regularly updated. 

You can browse categories and select the desired wallpaper. All the images are of high definition quality and you will surely find some of the best wallpapers for iPhone X. 

With the ‘Favorite’ option you can mark your favorite backgrounds and access them later on. You can preview the wallpapers to get an idea of how your iPhone background and the lock screen will look upon applying a wallpaper. 

Everpix Wallpaper app has huge number of options for iPhone with quality and quantity of wallpapers available. You can also opt for the ad-free version by paying.

Wallpapers HD by Yin Yu

Wallpapers HD New Themes Yin Yu
Wallpapers HD New Themes Yin Yu

One Wallpaper can light the world!  The app is the best one out of all the apps. The wallpaper quality is consistent, it’s pretty rare to get a blur on the image.

 There is NO invasive adware which is fantastic. The search function of the app works wonderfully if you’re looking for something specific. You can download as many images as you want without needing to go pro or premium which is rare with HD wallpaper apps. Give this app a try if you are looking for HD wallpapers!

Wallpapers HD & 4k Background

Wallpapers HD and 4K Background
Wallpapers HD and 4K Background

Impress your friends with the new look of your device, download Wallpapers HD & 4k Background. This wallpaper app has high-quality wallpapers with resolutions of HD, 4K, and UHD. 

There is a collection of various categories. The images are further sorted by date, rating, and popularity. The app customizable and allow you to set auto changing wallpapers at specified intervals. Download this app for HD images, juicy colors images, and theme variety.

Fancy Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Fancy Wallpapers and Backgrounds
Fancy Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Give life to your phone with an impressive and personalize screen. You can fully trust this app for the enchanting screen. The wallpapers are designed by top artists. 

And you can directly bump into the highlights and top creators sections to choose the desired images. Also, there is the newest section where you can access the latest photos. 

Editor’s pick offers the exclusively curated backgrounds. Additionally, you can follow the top artists and read about them.

Wallpapers & Themes for Me

Wallpapers & Themes for me
Wallpapers & Themes for me

This iOS wallpaper app from Apalon Apps deserves to be on the list. There are a couple of features that stand it out from its counterparts. First and foremost, the app has a huge collection of eye-catching wallpapers. 

The Wallpapers & Themes for Me features all-screen and custom-built along with ten categories such as cartoon, Sci-Fi, abstract, animals, sports, nature, holidays, 3D, minimal, and cities. 

And second, the developer keeps on adding new backgrounds from time to time. Recently, they added a glowing icon. The gigantic library always has a ton of beautiful images.

Icon Skins & Themes by Lemondo

Icon Skins and Themes
Icon Skins and Themes

Icon Skins & Themes is a must app if you are looking for lots of polished and handmade designs. The app is a home to many unique thematic collections that are appropriately categorized in 15 + categories.

 All the images found on the app are high definition. The interface of the application is catchy and quite easy. Ever growing image collection. The blur tool is added in the app to give a more abstract look. The app is designed for wallpaper enthusiasts who love to wrap their smartphones in a vibrant look.

Anime Gallery – Wallpaper & Avatar

Anime Gallery Wallpaper of ACG
Anime Gallery Wallpaper of ACG

If you love anime then this app is for you. Get your favorite anime image and set it as your wallpaper. The image load speed is amazing and you can also export the live wallpaper. If you are looking for a certain anime you will find it here. 

The app features new and top images. The tests part of the app checks your knowledge of how well you know your anime. For anyone who loves anime, I recommend this with all my heart!!   Find amazing pictures and drawings at Anime Gallery-Wallpaper & Avatar!

Wallpapers by Google

Wallpapers by Google
Wallpapers by Google

The wallpaper app is for Android by Google LLC. It has a vast collection of backgrounds from Google Earth, Google+, and other sources. You can set different wallpapers for home-screen and lock-screen from the app, auto-set function for new wallpapers every day.  

The wallpapers are segregated in various categories including cityscapes, Seascapes, Landscapes, geometric shapes, etc. 

You can enjoy a huge collection that grows every day, get a new wallpaper image every day in your favorite category. The app is completely free with no ads.

This is my favorite app in the list.



The first of its kind app that automatically generates HD backgrounds.  It doesn’t download wallpaper from the internet rather generates it in your device through algorithms. Tapet is one of the unique wallpaper apps. 

You choose the design and colors and the app makes the wallpaper from your choices and as per your device screen resolution. This is a great way to get some minimal wallpapers in the colors that you want. It helps take out the guesswork. 

You can also set the app to generate a new wallpaper hourly or daily. The generated wallpaper will perfectly fit your smartphone’s screen. Freshen up the look of your Android device with this unique wallpaper app.


Backdrops, another impressive wallpaper app for Android. The app has a huge collection of original wallpapers that are handcrafted by the Backdrops team. 

BackDrops features various categories such as Abstract, Food, Geometric, Pattern, Earth, Photography, dark AMOLED, etc.

You can add the image in your favorite list, also, download it if you want. You can share your collection across multiple devices by sign in using this app. 

Moreover, the app showcases an innovative backdrop image under the option ‘Wall of the Day’ every day. The pro version of the app gives you access to more original designs.

Walpy Wallpapers

Walpy - Wallpapers
Walpy – Wallpapers

Walpy is another great wallpaper app on this list. It has large database of excellent wallpapers in high resolution. The app also changes your wallpaper at various points in the day. 

It doesn’t rely on timers. Instead, you can set the constraints to only change wallpaper while your device is: on charging, Idle or on WiFi to change your background. So, enjoy a new wallpaper every day without hurting your device battery, or data

. There is a lot of variety for photography, so you won’t find abstract stuff here. The app is a neat solution with some decent selections.


Resplash Wallpaper App
Resplash Wallpaper App

Resplash is one of the newer wallpaper app launched by It’s a great source of wallpapers. The app boasts over 1,200,000+ HD photos with new images every day. The UI is decent and simple to use. 

Each wallpaper is curated into distinctive collections such as “Good Doggos of Unsplash”, “Desktop and Tech”, “Sienna and Cyan” and more. Resplash automatically refreshes your home screen with new random wallpaper. 

The photographs are more than high enough resolution for any phone screen. The app comes with some customization features like a dark mode and various layout options. A great app for photography buffs.

Material Islands

Material Islands a Minimal and Material design inspired semi-live wallpaper app. As it is a semi wallpaper app, so it does not drain your battery or eat up your RAM. You can choose among several different, unique and beautifully minimalistic islands for your smartphone. 

The app allows you to turn off pixels with the AMOLED night mode. The simple, elegant app though the weather feature takes it up a notch.


The Abstruct is by Hampus Olsson, the award-winning OnePlus wallpaper artist.  The Abstruct is the combination of two words, Abstract and Destruct, that symbolize the wallpaper style featured in it. 

The app is a symbolization of creativity and a mix of abstract and surreal. It features a variety of abstract wallpapers in different colors. There are about 300 exclusive backgrounds all in 4K resolution as well. 

The app features a modern design with features like saving your favorite wallpapers in one place, this makes it easy for you to change between your favorite wallpapers. It’s also a great way to get all of the wallpapers from OnePlus devices without buying one. 

The iOS version will release soon, so iOS users soon will enjoy the Paranoid wallpapers by an award-winning artist.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

The app is technically a live wallpaper app. Muzei rotates wallpapers on your phone’s home screen and helps to keep your home screen looking boring. You have two options, either you can choose wallpapers from the gallery or tap into Muzei Live Wallpaper’s exhaustive gallery of artwork. 

Each artwork also comes with a bit of a history lesson. The wallpaper recedes into the background by dimming and blurring the artwork so that your icons remain in the spotlight. It is an entirely free and open-source app and allows developers to bring content from all kinds of sources. The app also supports Android Wear also.

AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers
AMOLED Wallpapers

The app brings an amazing premium collection of dark wallpapers up to 4k resolution and it also saves a bit of extra battery life. The dark wallpapers offered by AMOLED look amazing on the home and lock screen. 

Moreover, all exclusive wallpaper has 50%+ (#00000) Black Color Hex code. The app features 10+ categories to choose from, supports landscape mode and set wallpaper. save wallpaper and share wallpapers with just one click. 

You can also make your favorite wallpaper list. A superb app with fancy looking AMOLED wallpapers.

Wallrox Wallpapers

Wallrox Wallpapers
Wallrox Wallpapers

Wallrox is a cloud-based wallpaper app with a huge collection of Material Design Wallpapers. All the backgrounds are designed in 2K (3200x2560px) QHD quality or UHD quality to make your screen look crispy. You can easily set and download wallpapers from the app. New images added whenever possible. 

No need to update the application as it is cloud-based. The submissions do not come from the community rather most of the contributions come from the app developer himself. The app has wallpaper and backgrounds from various categories such as Special Edition, Material, Gradients, Low Poly, Sign & Sayings, Liquify, Crystal, Blur, Geometric, and much more. 

There are a bunch of options for saving the picture as wallpaper, also you can adjust and save the wallpaper. Give it a shot.

Wonderwall – Wallpapers

Get earth’s most wonderful landscape as your phone’s wallpaper with Wonderwall. The app boasts a collection of massive HD photos for wallpaper use. Thus, you will not find any old, blurry wallpapers. A 100% curated collection of hand-selected photographs. 

The content updated on a daily basis, and the app even auto-downloads and sets wallpaper for you. The beautiful UI of Wonderwall makes it easy to use the app. You can also discover your next wallpaper by browsing categories. 

If you love landscape backgrounds then this is the app. There is no other app that provides you that much choice of Landscape wallpapers.

500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper is a live wallpaper app that shows regular wallpapers. The app taps into the 500px website throughout the day and downloads images for you to pick for your background. The 500 Firepaper is known for its phenomenal photography. This app shows you quality photographs from all over the world. 

 App provides you control over some configurable options like the refresh interval, oversaturation, brightness of the images, and blurring. The app is incredible and you will love the Daydream screensaver integration.

Casualis: Auto wallpaper change

Casualis:Auto wallpaper change
Casualis:Auto wallpaper change

The Casualis lets you have a new wallpaper without lifting a finger, just decide when you want Casualis to activate and you’re done! Either you can choose from a huge 3000 high-resolution images or use your own images as wallpaper. 

You can set a random wallpaper with a shake of your smartphone or through the widget. Add amazing wallpaper on your favorite list. Pick a wallpaper from a constantly updated list!

Everyday Wallpaper Changer (Automatic)

Everyday Wallpaper Changer (Automatic)
Everyday Wallpaper Changer (Automatic)

Everyday Wallpaper, the best automatic wallpaper changer app with advanced features that renovates the phone’s background daily with 4K and HD wallpapers. Loved by thousands of people, this app has an ultimate collection of HD and 4K wallpapers. 

Each image is a real treasure that can’t be seen anywhere else. The advanced features of the app are one-tap change wallpaper, a daily update of HD backgrounds, Add your own album, Pixel perfect wallpapers, very low battery consumption, Specially Designed Wallpapers, Blur Wallpaper, Black Wallpaper, Funny Wallpaper, Trending,  Nature Wallpaper and many more.

Wallzy Pro – Personal UHD Wallpapers

Wallzy Pro - Personal UHD Wallpapers

Set the background of your smartphone from a premium collection of wallpapers with Wallzy Pro. The app features a powerful editor to add text, blur, change exposure & hue along with a wide variety of fonts and gallery images. 

The app provides you an 8000 and increasing collection of wallpapers such as Nature, Texture, Urban, Peace, Paint it Black, Girls, Macros, Space, Her, Meditation and a lot more. Make your home screen look new and fresh with daily new wallpapers.

Mysplash – photography & wallpaper

Mysplash-photography & wallpaper
Mysplash-photography & wallpaper

A product by, famous website that offers a lot of high-resolution images. My splash -photography & wallpaper app that uses the photos from Unsplash. You get thousands of beautiful backgrounds. 

With this app, you get access to hundreds of amazing photography and images that are perfect for your device. With the app, you can search and even download raw images for free.

Paperland Pro (Paid)

Another live wallpaper app that I love is the Paperland Live Wallpaper. The app brings a fantastic paper cut-out landscape that scrolls on your screen. 

There are a variety of built-in themes that you can choose from such as silent night, grassy, desert migration, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter and more.

 You can also configure the colors and objects inside a wallpaper theme. The app loved by all.

Minima Pro (Paid)

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper
Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper app brings an endless range of shifting shapes and colors.  Goes great with the slick Material Design elements, also offers shapes tilt and shift in 3D parallax motion with the move and scroll your device.

 Over 90 built-in themes hand-crafted. You can customize the image by changing colors as per your taste, editing the built-in themes or by creating your own. The Randomizer brings a new and unique theme once a day or even once a minute. 

Download and explore the fantastic features!

Pixel Road Wallpaper

Pixel Road Wallpaper FREE
Pixel Road Wallpaper FREE

A pixel-art style wallpaper that displays a character and city street. Who can resist a never-ending cartoon favorite pixel art hero(ine)? The app turns real-time data like time and weather conditions into an action-packed adventure. 

Choose between 15 different characters,  just pick your 8-bit character from Nyan Cat to Vehicle Cat, make clicks on its environment as per your choice, then sit back and enjoy the wild ride!


The best Wallpaper Apps described above are the coolest apps that provide awesome backgrounds. Rather than using typical wallpaper offered by your smartphone. Try these backgrounds and wallpaper apps for a variant look with less battery consumption.

Let us know which one you like the most to get the Perfect Wallpaper for your Device. Also, share the free high-quality cool wallpaper apps you are currently using.

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