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Save Environment, Go Paperless with CamScanner

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William Desborough says

The most useful documents scanner. I have tried them all but this company has bested them all. Tons of use features. very comfortable. From time to time on weekends their server has glitches but apart from that the programme is the most successful. Thank you developers
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In this fast era, we need documents anywhere and anytime. To cope up with this requirement we need some device, device sound a bit off because it will be difficult to carry a device all the way to store documents. what if we have an app that serves this purpose of scan device. Yes! an app, CamScanner is an app that is free of cost available on Apple and Android store.

Get this app from the play store, click a photograph of the document that you want to scan and here you go… After taking photo CamScanner will automatically edit the photo by setting brightness, contrast, cropping and many more.You will get your document photo just like you have scanned it with a scanner. Once you have done with the scanning you can save the document in with JPG or PDF format and share it with your friends through social media, email.

CamScanner-cropping-toolCamScanner-image adjustmentCamScanner-image-saveCamScanner-sharing

Features of CamScanner

CamScanner gives you the impression of using a scanner for scanning the document with other advantages as well

  • Image Adjustment.
  • Turn Pictures into Editable Version
  • Extract Information from Paper Documents
  • Choice of file Format either JPG or PDF.
  • Sharing the files on Social Media.
  • Email of files in the chosen format with the choice of size.
  • Storage of documents over the cloud.
  • Password Protection
  • Conversion into multiple page PDF’s
  • Tag Addition to documents
  • PDF Direction( Portrait or landscape)
  • Page Size of PDF
  • Watermarked PDF’s
  • Performs OCR on your scanned documents
  • annotate Scans with notes

Cost of App – Paid or Free

Free version of CamScanner is enough for your requirements through the premium version gets you some additional features like more cloud storage space, no Ads editable OCR, Maximum Document Number is unlimited, Maximum Pages per Document is unlimited, Maximum Batch Mode Scans is unlimited and most important the app will sync to other cloud Services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Problems  or Missing Features inside the app

  • Time Consuming if we have a lot of pages to scan.
  • Mobile camera need to be of high quality
  • Too many ads in the free Version

Alternative Apps

How do I Get it?



apple-badgeGet it on Google Play

Rating for the app

CamScanner proved to be a very effective application, and an awesome way to quickly scan using the phone camera. It works really well with different types, size of documents. So, I will give 4.5 out of 5.

Final Verdict

CamScanner OCR feature is marvelous, by this text extraction is very easy from paper materials to one can directly edit through phone.

CamScanner is highly recommended for the use of a small number of documents and one can create an online account to sync the documents. It omits the requirement of a physical scanner. CamScanner is an efficient tool to copy and save essential documents.

Please feel free to tell your views in the comments. Write to me for suggestions, complaints, and queries at [email protected] . See you soon with the new post.
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